It is our utmost desire to stay slender and look young forever! To achieve this, we do what not… stay famished for better part of the day and do those extra pushups to burn off some extra calories, yet the slim frame remains a distant dream. Read on to know how some really simple day to day activities may help you achieve that desired frame faster.

10 minutes, it takes mere 10 minutes every day to make the right choices that will definitely turn you in to a healthier being and help you lose weight. Unbelievable isn’t it? Just read on to know more about this quick fix to good health!

According to a research, it is advised that you must consume oatmeal for breakfast as it is much more satisfying than any other cereal and may help to slim you down as well. Another group of researchers at University of Kentucky have found that eating watermelon can help lower fat accumulation, while some other group of researchers claim honeydew melon can control water retention and bloating. So enjoy these juicy summer fruits as such or add to your favorite salad and relish goodness of these melons. According to another research, stress encourages people to reach out for sweet, sugary and fatty foods, apart from slowing down metabolism that results in weight gain.

So, keep the stress at bay by taking small breaks between work, stretch, listen to lovely music, take a walk, or do anything fun to help your brain release endorphins. Stock up your pantry well, particularly with eggs! Eggs contain choline that is a fat burning nutrient as it turns off the gene that is responsible for fat storage in the belly area. Irrespective of the egg preparation you enjoy, make sure you eat an egg every day. Walk daily and even walking for 10 minutes every day is effective to lose weight. In another study, it was found that a brief exposure of UV rays in the first half of the day may reduce the risk of gaining weight. Each time you crave for something unhealthy, just try distracting yourself for 10 minutes as most cravings lasts for only about this duration. Another research reports that engaging your brain in to a stimulating situation or activity such as games may reduce the desire to eat. Whip up a single serve of dessert yourself, in case the sweet craving doesn’t settle even after engaging in to distractions. As per a research, people feel satisfied and usually do not second helping of sweets that they prepare themselves. You may easily lose up to a pound of weight in two week by just swapping all forms of cooking methods with steaming. Spice up the steamed preparations with fresh herbs, lemon juice and seasonings of your choice. In a very interesting study, it was found that people who wear denim to work end up walking about a quarter of a mile extra as compared to other days when they are more formally dressed. So, it’s time to switch to your denims, if only your office culture allows.