In recent years, fish oil has gained more and more supporters. The main reason for this growth is due to its high amount of omega 3 and its positive effects on the organism.

Fish oil is good for health

Fish oil helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, arthritis and some types of cancer.

It must be emphasized that several studies have found that, despite helping the heart, a greater effect is obtained with the direct consumption of fish. However, fish oil avoids the development of diseases that compromise the arteries, and it also decreases the chances of suffering from heart attacks.

Fish oil keeps the brain in perfect condition

Fish oil presents excellent results also in terms of its influence on the mental state. One of these is to keep the function of hormones such as serotonin and dopamine active; otherwise there is a risk of diseases such as dementia and even schizophrenia, in addition to Alzheimer's.

If the disease has already been diagnosed, it is best to consult a doctor to know if you need to consume fish oil.

Since it preserves the neuronal level and also the arteries in the best possible state, fish oil is considered to be very useful for avoiding strokes.

Fish oil prevents hair loss

Since it provides different nutrients, fish oil is a great help for hair growth. It brings shine and volume. It prevents hair loss and keeps them strong and healthy.

It is also good for the skin, especially against dryness.

Its use to avoid sunburns is still a matter of debate, but it does not stop being advisable.

Regarding the situations on which it has a direct impact, these are acne, allergies and other dermal problems.

It is great for pregnancy

As we explained earlier, consumption of the food supplement during pregnancy has positive effects on the development of the fetus. However, there are also other benefits that affect the ladies.

If in the past the woman has experienced some problems and suffered from losses, fish oil helps to prevent premature births or even spontaneous abortions.

Fish oil is effective against some allergies

Because it is the basis of optimal immunological functioning, fish oil is recommended to avoid allergies.

It can be consumed as a sort of treatment. However, you must keep in mind that it acts as a supplement, and not as the only remedy for the disease.