The Best Birthday Cocktails to Make For Your Party

When your birthday rolls around, it's time to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with a few fun drinks? These flavorful cocktails are easy to make at home, tasty, and perfect for birthday parties. Whether you serve up single versions or make them in batches, these are the best birthday cocktails to help you get the party started.

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Blue Hawaiian Punch

With its bright blue hue and tropical taste, Blue Hawaiian Punch is perfect for summertime birthday parties or parties with a tropical theme. Made with only 3 ingredients including coconut rum, blue curaçao, and pineapple juice, this easy, tasty cocktail is ideal to make ahead of time in large batches. Don't forget to stick an umbrella in your drink!

The Kamikaze 


For a quick, easy cocktail that everyone at your party will enjoy, make Kamikazes. With a delicious sweet-tart flavor, it's made with vodka, triple sec, and lime juice, and it's incredibly easy to drink. The Kamikaze can be enjoyed as a cocktail or as shots, the latter of which is perfect for a birthday celebration.

Strawberry Margarita

Take your Margarita game to the next level with Strawberry Margaritas. It's an amazing cocktail if you love the bright citrusy flavor of a classic Margarita but want to add a fruity flair to the drink. Just add some strawberry puree to your Margarita recipe and enjoy!



For a super easy drink, you can make ahead of time, there's nothing like sangria. Made with wine, fresh fruit, brandy, and spices, sangria is a perfect cocktail if you're looking for a drink you can make in larger batches. Served over ice, it's fantastic for summer birthday parties.

Champagne Jello Shots

Jello shots are awesome for birthday parties, but if you want to make them extra special, you have to make Champagne Jello Shots. Vodka, prosecco, sugar, and sparkling water make these jello shots festive and boozy. You can even add a little of your favorite fruit liqueur for fruity versions. Delicious!

Strawberry Daiquiri


Everyone loves frozen a Strawberry Daiquiri, and with this simple recipe, you'll be mixing them like a pro in no time. A little tart and a little sweet, this slushy-like drink is amazing for parties and will transport you and your guests to a warm tropical shore. Use fresh strawberries for the best flavor.


If you like Margaritas, you love the Paloma. Made with tequila, grapefruit juice, and grapefruit soda, it's super-refreshing and easy to make. If you're looking for a simple, delicious drink you can pre-batch, and serve at your birthday bash, the Paloma is perfect for you.

Chocolate Martini


Drink your birthday dessert with a Chocolate Martini. This vodka-based drink has rich chocolate liqueur and boasts a creamy texture thanks to the addition of Bailey's. Don't forget to drizzle some chocolate syrup into your cocktail glass and add some chocolate shavings as a garnish! It's a chocolate lover's delight.


For a birthday brunch, you'll definitely want to sip on some Bellinis. Light, refreshing, and with just the right amount of sweetness, this delicious Italian drink is made by mixing peach puree with sparkling wine. Enjoy it with your favorite birthday brunch – it's especially good with smoked salmon avocado toast with poached eggs.

Piña Colada


For a more tropical flair, you can't go wrong with a Piña Colada. Bursting with coconut and pineapple flavors, this rum cocktail is ideal for warm-weather parties. Don't forget the cocktail umbrellas!

Raspberry Mojito

With tons of refreshing mint and lime juice mixed with white rum, Mojitos are a fabulous cocktail for parties. Want to know how to make them even better? Add some fresh raspberries to your Mojitos. Fun, fruity, and incredibly refreshing, Raspberry Mojitos are ideal for daytime birthday celebrations or parties that take place on warm, balmy evenings.

Orange Creamsicle Mimosa


Put a dreamy spin on everyone's favorite brunch cocktail by adding some vanilla vodka and heavy cream to your Mimosas. Orange Creamsicle Mimosas are rich and creamy and go so well with the zesty taste of orange juice and champagne. It's delicious with sweet brunch dishes like French toast or pancakes.

Spiked Watermelon Lemonade

This tasty, boozy Watermelon Lemonade is so easy to make, it's bound to become a summertime staple for you. Whip up a fresh batch of lemonade using freshly squeezed lemons and simple syrup, then add watermelon and vodka and pop it in the blender. So refreshing.

Birthday Cake Martini

What's a birthday party without a birthday cake? The only thing better? A Birthday Cake Martini! Made with vanilla vodka, amaretto, white chocolate liqueur, and half and half, it's a creamy, delicious cocktail that tastes exactly like birthday cake. Be sure to rim the glass with sprinkles for an extra festive flair!

Peach Punch


Peach Punch is another fabulous punch recipe to serve up at parties. Just mix rose wine, peach schnapps, simple syrup, soda water, and lemon juice in a punch bowl, then add a few slices of fresh peaches and lemons to garnish to make the perfect punch.


A fantastic combination of sweet and tart, the Seabreeze is a beautiful cocktail based on vodka combined with cranberry juice and grapefruit juice. It's bright and thirst-quenching, with the perfect amount of sweetness. Garnish it with a grapefruit slice and enjoy!

Brandy Rum Punch


With a deeper flavor and more complex taste, Brandy Rum Punch is a great drink to sip on for evening birthday parties. To make this delicious cocktail, combine brandy, dark rum, superfine sugar, lemon juice, with some water, pour it over ice into a large punch bowl and that's it! Be sure to garnish it with a little grated nutmeg.

Pineapple Passion Fruit Prosecco Punch

For a sweet, fizzy, tropical-flavored punch, try making Pineapple Passion Fruit Prosecco Punch. Mix pineapple juice, passion fruit juice, and orange juice with prosecco pour it over ice, and give it a quick stir. Serve these up immediately to make the most of the bubbles.

PB&J Shots


What's a birthday celebration without shots? These PB&J Shots are part shooter, part dessert, with the same fantastic flavor as a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Both the peanut butter and jelly layers have vodka in them, making them an amazing boozy treat you and your guests will love. You can also try the PB&J Jello Shot version.

Painkiller Cocktail

The Painkiller is a fabulous tiki drink that's great for parties. With exotic flavors like dark rum, pineapple, and coconut mixed with a touch of orange juice, it's a rich, creamy drink that has loads of incredible tropical flavor that's amazing for parties.

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