The local creamery, which is located just outside of Madison in Wisconsin, only recently started giving away free milk to those in its community. Still, they have already become internet famous like many other philanthropists during the pandemic.

The Baerwolf family owns the Sassy Cow Creamery. It is co-run by brothers, James and Robert Baerwolf and their large families. They became the recipients of appreciation in their small community when they invited people to come for free dairy products of any kind.

In a short video shared via the creamery's official Facebook profile, the Baerwolfs shared the notion that food staples like dairy products can be very helpful during the crisis when people are left short of supplies and worried.

They said:

"We know when things are tough, or tight, or a little uncertain or if someone is struggling, there's nothing better than having milk in the fridge. Staples are the best things during these times."

Their kindness cooler is placed just outside their creamery with no instructions or specifications other than that it is open to all community members.

Lucky enough, the creamery is well-equipped to produce pasteurized milk so that it can cater to the needs of the community through the kindness cooler.

Even more adorably, the Baerwolfs plan to continue stocking the kindness cooler for as long as they can. As the pandemic rages on, there is nothing more heartwarming than reading stories like that of the Baerwolfs telling of how people are reaching out to others with hands of help and words of support.

In a little way, you can emulate this and stay safe when doing so.