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12 Unique — And Of Course, Yummy — Tortilla Recipes That We’re Sure You’ll Love!

Tortilla wraps are an easy go-to when you want a filling and very quick to do. Even better, there are thousands of ways to enjoy tortillas; you can opt for savory or sweet recipes or, better still, craft your very own, including all of your favorite ingredients. Here are 12 fun tortilla recipes to give you a good head start!

By Cookist

A tortilla is a flat wrap commonly likened to bread because of the numerous ways it can be incorporated into any recipe. It is a symbolic food item in Mexico, making tortilla wraps especially exquisite since they are exotic and yet very easy to do!

Tortilla wraps, which are simply stuffed tortillas, especially encourage creativity as they can be cooked or eaten in several ways and for whatever meal of the day! Below, we have compiled some of our most popular tortilla wraps. Enjoy!

1. Tortilla Wraps with an Italian Edge

The recipe here

These wraps can be that energy kick you need each morning, but best of all, they only take a few minutes of preparation and can even be prepared ahead of time. The main star of this recipe is spinach and feta cheese and a unique range of spices to complement them. It's like having mini pizza wraps for breakfast!

2. Tortilla with Shrimp Ceviche

The recipe here

This tortilla takes on a Latin American twist as it is filled with Ceviche, a unique meal of raw fish and/or seafood marinated in a lemon solution and spices. In this case, fresh shrimps are the major ingredient in the tortilla wraps, which, prepared so, are perfect as appetizers or stand-alone dinner meals.

3. Chocolate Tortilla Wraps

Believe it or not, you can have tortillas for dessert! Albeit unusual, this recipe makes for a delightful combination of warm hazelnut cream and bananas. We especially love this recipe because it can be modified to include fruits and cream of your personal choice. What could be better!?

4. Tortilla Stuffed with Tomatoes and Cheese

This recipe sets a unique record of being ready in just 2 minutes! It also requires common pantry items, so it can be that meal you whip up when you only have run out of groceries. All you need are tortillas, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, ham, and seasonings!

5. Omelette Tortilla

This recipe will give you a unique way to have your daily dose of omelets. The important trick is to make sure to cook the omelets together with the tortilla. First, add the eggs to the greased pan, letting it form a base for the tortilla. Flip and add tomatoes, cheese, and seasoning as you wish for a yummy breakfast.

6. Piadina tacos

As exotic as this recipe may sound, it is actually very easy to do. This dish's main components are the tortillas, which are folded and baked to form deep cups, and the chicken cutlets and their coating of bread crumbs seasoned with lemon zest, parsley, and parmesan cheese.

7. Egg-stuffed Tortillas

These tortillas stuffed with eggs and condiments tortilla are the 5-minute dinner menu you didn't know you needed. This recipe combines cooking both the tortilla and eggs in one go making it a one-pan meal for nights when you're too tired from the day's work. Garnish with your favorite tomato sauce and a dash of parsley for a refreshing meal.

 8. Tortilla Cake

This recipe makes a hearty meal. The tortillas are arranged in a baking tray and then stuffed with tomato sauce, shredded and seasoned chicken breast, sour cream, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese. The pie is then baked for about 25 minutes, which is very short considering how hearty this meal really is. A bite into a slice of this yummy pie offers a very juicy and savory combo that you'll surely get addicted to.

9. The Breakfast Bundle

This tortilla wrap can be eaten at any time of the day but is perhaps best fitted to breakfast since it contains signature breakfast items like eggs, cheese, and ham. The one-pan recipe is also super easy to do and will help you obtain your needed dose of proteins and carbs every morning. Paired with a cup of coffee and your day is off to a good start.

10. Tortilla Rolls

This recipe presents delicate, delicate aesthetics, making it well-suited to be on the menu for a special night in with your partner. The tortilla rolls will make a nice appetizer before a decadent main like pasta. Think soft music, candles, and a delicious spread between you and your partner… show us something more dreamy!

11. Tortilla Cones

This is absolutely genius! The unusual combination of tortilla and ice cream cones makes for a crispy and yet slightly doughy chew to accompany the bacon wrap's savory mix. We recommend stuffing the cones with vegetable salad, yogurt dressing, and nuggets for hearty bites.

12. Tortilla Baskets

These are very fun to do. The tortillas are carved into medium-sized circles and then placed into a muffin tray. They are then filled with a mix of eggs, chopped ham, mozzarella, tomatoes, chopped peppers, and seasoning. Just a few minutes in the oven, and the little baskets are ready to serve! Garnish with the dripping of tomato sauce and parsley.

There you have 12 unique tortilla recipes sure to get you by for a while. These have one thing in common and that's being very easy to do and requiring just tortillas and a few other food items.

For when you have run out of tortillas, try making your very own tortillas at home, you may just prefer them to the store-bought kinds.

Last but not least, enjoy and don't forget to share!

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