Read on to know about 5 worst ways to lose excess body weight!

We all try to lose weight by following various methods. However, sometimes during the process of weight loss, we end up harming ourselves. Read on to know about 5 weight loss mistakes that you should never commit.


 It is the unhealthiest way to lose weight as by eating very little or starving yourself, your body tends to work against weight loss. Starving can also trigger stress eating, binge eating, and craving for unhealthy foods.

Prolonged dieting

Keeping your body in a calorie-deficit state for too long makes it protect itself against further weight loss, which results in a slower metabolism, higher stress level, and increased loss of muscle mass.

No exercise

Eating less to lose weight and not exercising results in a loss of lean body mass, which is very bad news for your health.

Inadequate protein intak

A high protein diet is beneficial to prevent loss of lean body mass. So, eating a diet sufficient in proteins is beneficial for further weight loss and improves satiety after each meal.

Dieting too strictly

Strict dieting is a very impractical way to lose weight as it becomes difficult for anyone to stick to it for a long duration. So, indulging yourself in a cheat meal once in a while helps to adhere to the healthier way of eating for a longer duration.