Lemon has really many properties, as well as many uses: this fruit can in fact be used for beauty but also for house cleaning. Did you know, however, that a lemon-based diet can purify your organism and make you feel lighter and more industrious in just three days? Here's everything you need to know about this diet and some tips for adding lemon to your diet.

First of all, your day will have to start in the best way: the advice is to drink a glass of water and lemon as soon as you wake up and after half an hour have breakfast with the right foods. The best is to consume fruit, for example strawberries, raspberries, but also blackberries and cherries, in addition to 5 almonds. The mid-morning snack instead will include the lemonade combined with a fruit, such as a banana or an apple. For lunch, prepare a dish of legumes: beans and lentils are perfect with lemon juice and a drizzle of oil, or a vegetable soup with two slices of wholemeal bread. For the mid-afternoon snack, two oatmeal biscuits are perfect, accompanied by spreadable cheese or raw vegetables and unsweetened lemon juice.

For dinner you can eat grilled fish seasoned with lemon juice and boiled vegetables, or chicken breast that you can grill or boil and eat together with raw or boiled vegetables, always dressed with a little oil and lemon juice. Before going to sleep it is good to drink a hot lemonade. Following this diet for three days you will be able to deflate the abdomen and reduce water retention, as well as losing weight. Moreover, thanks to vitamin C, it will allow you to eliminate toxins by purifying the organism and improve the immune system.